Double Diamonds 


A love of music can shape destiny. Double Diamonds are four people who were always meant to find each other, each recognizing music performance as the engine of their lives. Joined by a love of country western and folk rock, Double Diamonds have their own stories to tell through the timeless voices of artists like Willie Nelson, Jim Reeves, John Denver and the iconic Johnny Cash.

Double Diamonds concerts bring people to their feet, tapping, clapping or swinging their sweethearts to the great American songs that connect us all. Decades of performing as individuals underpins a seasoned musicality you’ll feel as well as hear. Double Diamonds take their audiences to new places with old favorites. Everyone gets to enjoy the ride … while feeling right at home.


Doug Roraback –
Double Diamonds Founder; Guitar, Lead Vocals


Doug’s love of music started before high school, when there seemed to be no limit to what he could sing: classical, country, folk and gospel all felt as natural as taking a walk. Growing up in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, he sang in choirs for school and church, and soon picked up the guitar. At age 21, Doug sang one season with the Seattle Opera when he rediscovered his true musical style – opera wasn’t it.  

With an equal passion for snow skiing, Doug quickly realized he’d need a way to support it. Advancing as a professional level three ski instructor helped the cause, but he also managed to get paying gigs at the slopes, singing and playing guitar. Over the years Doug sang in various Northwest choral groups, including an all-male gospel choir, delivering rousing solos people felt down to their shoes. It would sustain him until he could retire from running his own business in 2012 and do music full-time.

Before starting Double Diamonds, Doug developed a local following for his rich baritone voice, enhanced by a life well lived. Performing for local audiences all over Whidbey Island and beyond, he makes beloved music his own. Doug loves interacting with the audience, devoting a big part of his shows to requests from his classic song list.  


Ken Fordyce – Lead Guitar

Ken Reid (2).jpg

Ken grew up in Moorestown, NJ, later attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts. Ken started touring with bands in college, igniting dance parties in bars, schools and military bases all over New England. Ken found his ultimate day job working for recording studios and was inspired to launch his own: Mirror Sound Studio. Heeding the call to head west, Ken moved to Seattle in 1993, successfully rebooting his studio while jumping into Seattle’s club scene, playing with Denny and the Daggers and later Crime Scene (with Double Diamonds drummer Paul Kollman). Ken’s passion project, the Ken Reid Band, plays dance-till-you-drop shows in local pubs and festivals, including Engel’s Pub in Edmonds, the Ebey Island Freedom Fest and the Blues for the Brave Festival.   

Karen Calhoun –
Acoustic Bass, Saxophone

Karen .jpg

Karen is a Whidbey Island resident who hails from Southern California, where she honed her musical chops on blue grass and big band music. With degrees in music education and music performance, Karen mastered a repertoire of diverse instruments spanning percussion, bass, saxophone and native flute, while acquiring supernatural abilities on the handpan. Karen lends her percussion talents in the local band Small Town Poets, and performs with Isla Bee. Karen met Doug and his wife (and part-time roadie) Anne at Langley United Methodist Church, where Karen directs the choir. Doug and Karen’s shared love for country and folk music all but assured a band was in their future.  


Paul Kollman – Drummer


Paul attributes his accomplishments as a drummer – a talent that roared to life at age 11 – to great teachers, some of whom played with music legends. After graduating from Portland State University, Paul spent a decade playing, recording and traveling with quintessential Northwest bands including  The Daily Planet, The Olson Brothers, Denny and the Daggers, Brilliant Sun, Crime Scene, and Shelley & The Curves to name a few. Writing and recording albums shaped his ability to play well with others, which he did when he joined some memorable opening acts for the Beach Boys, Jefferson Starship and LeAnn Rimes. Among his many collaborators was Eddy Fukano, a Seattle music teacher, mentor and friend who played guitar on the show Hee-Haw and had a Billboard chart-topping song in 1963. Paul and Eddy played in house bands together in Washington, Nevada and Hawaii. Today Paul is the house drummer for Mirror Sound Studios.